Hi, I am Anke Fuerer


My camera is my most loyal (travel) companion for +35 years. It has been a constant in my life, always in the background, yet always playing a very important role. The brands and types changed. From analog to digital, from pocket to bridge to system camera. But the goal remained the same:
With a camera, I can linger for a minute, capture the moment, stop time for a fraction. At the same time, it’s about creating certain compositions in a selected section. As a proportion nerd, I’m always looking for the best ratio. Photography suits my nature. It gives me the opportunity to combine my creativity with my affinity for technology and create something unique.

In the meantime, my camera has moved from the supporting role to the leading role. My professions, which used to play the leading role, are now playing the supporting roles, or rather they are now in the director’s role. Through them, I have trained my personal view and found my field of activity.

A friend once said to me: “Your pictures bring me joy and inspiration.” Isn’t that wonderful?

Due to my numerous travels and experiences, I can draw on a large repertoire of photos that I no longer keep hidden, but would like to share with you. At the same time I want to go on making a difference with my photography work.

My photographer mission is to share unique and sustainable stories that can be role models, show the beauty of our planet and promote mindfulness and sustainable behaviour.

I invite you now to browse through the website, dive into my STORIES, treat yourself to a photo in the SHOP or visit me on INSTAGRAM and LINKEDIN. I’m already looking forward to get in touch with you!

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